Profile picture I am a very attentive and resolute person, with an exceptional will to learn and do my best. I have a passion to thrive and excel in anything that I do, whether it is individually or as part of a group and I am steadfastly committed to enhancing myself, both professionally and personally, in order to achieve my goals. I naturally set myself high standards as I feel that I am capable of managing anything that I set myself.

RGU, BSc Computer Science (BCS Accredited) September 2013 – Present

I am currently in the third year of my course after passing first and second year with distinction and completing a successful year long placement.

Portlethen Academy August 2007 – July 2013

Advanced Higher: Mathematics

Higher: Technological Studies, Physics, Computing, English

Intermediate 2: Graphic Communication

Standard Grade: Modern Studies, Spanish


These are the projects I am currently involved in and working on.

LXM Event Services February 2016

I was contacted by a local business to create a modern and sophisticated website. I am coding with HTML5 and CSS3 including use of the WordPress content management system and PHP. This is an ongoing project with the aim of increasing the image and reach of the business whilst building on my experience in web development and business operations.

Aberdeenshire Council School Websites February 2016

More information soon.


These are the projects I have previously completed.

Aberdeenshire Council Corporate Website 21st September 2015 (Launch)

For the first few months of my placement I was involved with the redesign of the corporate website. I demonstrated my knowledge of HTML and CSS for front-end design and C# for back-end coding in the Umbraco content management system. I liaised with content editors across the council to ensure the content was in line with the guidance produced, based on best practices, as part of the project. I took part in project meetings and provided valuable information through use of Google Analytics to help determine the structure of the website. After the launch I was part of the front line of support resolving any outstanding issues with the new design and creating documentation on the use of the CMS and for common troubleshooting during the handover to our support team.

RGUtilities May 2015

As part of the Dynamic Web Programming module in my second year at university I was tasked with a group project to create a web app.

beCyCle December 2013

As part of the Information Systems module in my first year at university I was tasked with a group project to redesign an existing web site for a real world client, including implementation of a responsive design strategy, using my knowledge of HTML and CSS. This gave me a good understanding of web development which was built upon in the Dynamic Web Programming module in second year where I created a web app. As of May 2015 the solution was adopted as the live version of the website.


These are the projects which are currently on hold or have been decided not to move forward with.

Highland Naturals & Le Briquet May 2015

I was contacted by a local business to aid with some of the more technical aspects within the business. Initially this involved product photography, both capturing and editing the products for use on the website. However, after noticing issues with the old website I offered to create a modern and sophisticated website replacement. I am coding with HTML5 and CSS3 including use of a front-end framework and PHP. This is an ongoing project with the aim of increasing revenue whilst building on my experience in web development and business operations.

Training Program May 2015

In addition to my job at Royal Mail I involve myself in the continued improvement and upkeep of the company by taking part in World Class Mail. I am currently leading an ongoing project to create a training program to aid the managers and workplace coaches in the training of new staff and the development of current staff. I am implementing the program as an Android app using Java and XML. Upon the successful completion of this program the intention is to expand its use and to move forward to a new project designing and implementing an updated interface for the MIST recording system currently in place.


Extensive Microsoft Office, HTML5, CSS3

Extensive / Working Knowledge Java, Javascript, PHP

Working Knowledge Python, UML, MySQL, XML, C, C++, C#


During my involvement with internal audits at Royal Mail and project meetings at Aberdeenshire Council I have displayed good communication, presentation, organisational and analytical skills.

The following section of my key achievements is a representation of my abilities in a range of areas including timekeeping, team working, organisational, management and communication skills.

ConocoPhillips Award 3rd July 2015

Platinum Youth Achievement Award (SCQF Level 7) 2013-2014

Completed in excess of 90 volunteer hours developing and delivering a youth programme.

Community Sports Leader Award May 2013

Awarded for teaching primary school children about sports and physical fitness in a fun and energetic way.

Emergency First Aid May 2013

Mearsk Ace Citizen Star Award 15th March 2013

Awarded by the Managing Director for showing respect, commitment, good attitude, resilience and independence in my education.

Silver CREST Award (STEM in the Pipeline) August - December 2012

Awarded with the Innovation Award. This project was backed by several large oil companies: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, E-ON, Energy Institute and BP.

Scottish Football Association August – December 2012, December 2014

Football coaching levels 1, 2 and 3

Football official – Referee

Futsal official – Referee

Aberdeenshire Council, Solutions Analyst 1st June 2015 - 29th July 2016

For my university placement year I worked with the ICT Applications Solutions Team with day-to-day operations, development and the continuous improvement of the Aberdeenshire Council corporate website and development of other web-based projects including the redesign of Aberdeenshire school websites.

Aberdeen Football Club July 2014 – June 2015

This was a voluntary position where I worked closely with the Performance Analyst to produce monthly appraisals on the player’s performance for the coaching staff and managers to use. Additionally I produced reports on more specific areas. These involved statistical analysis skills to interpret the data output from the Prozone Analysis System. Also, I needed to utilise my written communication skills when producing the reports to convey the findings in a clear manner.

Royal Mail, Mail Screener (AVSEC - Cargo Supervisor) 7th October 2013 - Present

I undertake a high responsibility role as I am tasked with monitoring x-ray images to ensure that all the mail heading outward onto an aircraft does not pose a threat to human lives or the company. High levels of expertise and concentration are expected at all times, backed up by continual testing to ensure this. In January 2016 I was trained to Cargo Supervisor level which allows me to take on the extra responsibilities associated with managing the area when required. I have also undertaken training in other areas within the workplace to enable me to fulfill my job role to the best of my ability.

I enjoy learning, maintaining my physical fitness and being outdoors. In the summer of 2014 I spent a week on the Isle of Arran working for the National Trust for Scotland as part of a team repairing upland footpaths. I seek out challenges and enhance my skills wherever possible.